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May 28, 2012
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PMD-E App 2.0: Team Reverence by MiaMaha PMD-E App 2.0: Team Reverence by MiaMaha
Note: My team is COMPLETELY free for cameos! In fact, I would love it! :D Just be sure to tell me, so I can see! Thanks! ;D

Application for Arc 2 of :iconpmd-explorers:


For the most part, Kai is a very laid-back Chimchar, often lost in his thoughts as he thinks about anything and everything during his times of relaxation. He is very honest with his thoughts and how he feels, so he is a good person to turn to when you are looking for an honest opinion (though do take in mind that most of his answers include how you feel about it). Other than that, he is a guy who is never afraid to take difficult matters into his own hands, and once he has a goal, he will do anything to reach it. With others, he is a rather understanding and empathetic guy, teasing and being playfully sarcastic whenever the moment arrives. He tends to come off as aloof most of the time, however.

When it comes to skill, he is mainly a melee fighter, and is very fast on his feet. He has strong physical attacks and has good defense, but he does not do well with special attacks, nor can he dodge them too well.

Extra Info/Facts:
-Kai and his partner, Lyris, are both not native to Tao. Before they woke up in this strange world after a few events, they were owned and raised by their trainer, Mia, and were a part of a team. Being very close to his trainer, Kai seeks to find out how and why he and Lyris were brought to Tao, and his number one goal is to find out what happened to his beloved trainer.

-Unfortunately, many of Kai’s memories are foggy, and he can only fully recover them by having them replay in his mind, mainly through dreams. He also can not fully remember the events that took place before he woke up in Tao, so another goal of his is to remember.

-Kai is quite a thinker, and one question has been stuck within the depths of his mind for a long time: other than to avoid loneliness, why do people form connections with one another…?

Personality: Lyis is a very generous, caring, and down to earth Ralts, willing to do anything for the sake of other. She likes to be playful and friendly with other pokemon, but on the other hand, she has a very hard time making decisions, thus making her rather indecisive, and she has a tendency to be a little naïve and overly-trusting.
But don’t get the wrong idea! Despite he soft appearance, Lyris isn’t as shy as you would think. She has quite a brave heart and a strong mind, but not only this. One noticeable trait is the amount of power she holds within her. The amount of strength she has bewilders many, but she tries to hold it back as much as she can, in fear of hurting others, and she doesn’t like to show it off, often thanking the compliments and comments she receives, but tensely insisting that it’s not that great.

Lyris doesn’t do very well when physically attacked and can be hit and knocked down easily. However, with her great defense, she can stand back up in no time. It takes a lot of hits to make her stay down. As mentioned, she has rather strong special attacks and a good defense against them in return. But unfortunately, she is not physically fast, so she tries to use teleport to make up for it and tries to keep a distance from her foe.

Extra Info/Facts:
-Lyris is…different from other pokemon, but it is not because she is a shiny. She often talks about someone she refers to as her “father”, who apparently gave her the strength she has, though pokemon have yet to completely understand just what she is talking about.

-The pupils of Lyris’s eyes are rather peculiar…though when pokemon ask about it, she becomes a little nervous and simply tells them that she was born with them.

-Lyris has a special move, Destiny Bond, that she tries to never use unless a final resort is needed.

-Like Kai, some of her own memories are foggy, and she has troubling recalling a few memories of her father. This troubles her greatly, and she very often questions something…


Hell yes…that’s right…Mia has finally made a SECOND TEAM. >8DD

Meet Team Reverence~ ^^

A lot of people have more than one team so I thought hey, why not make a second one myself and have fun with it. XP The Night Baskers are still my main team, but I might play around with these guys. Or they’ll sit here unused. We’ll se. XP

And yes, it has a Ralts. I guess you would think that since I have Gale, I wouldn’t bring another one from the evolution line back, buuut I did. I can’t have Kai without Lyris. <XD And she’s a female anyway. ^^ Gardevoir, ftw…~

But before I officially joined PMD-E, I created three teams to pick from when I was creating my first App. Of course, I chose the team of Solitaire and Solace, but this team was one of the other choices. ^^ My second choice, really.

So here they aaare~! X3 I’m hoping to make an into comic some time…it’ll clear a lot of things up, and then I can add a bit more to the App. <XD Til then, do enjoy~
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You'll still use the other,right? :?
MiaMaha Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course! :3
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alskdfjasdlfkj a new team?! What...what is this??

We have so very much to talk about missy. I'm sure we're both plenty busy, but do try to be on Skype as much as possible for me kay? I have many questions for you XDD
MiaMaha Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PFT- >XD A liiiittle late there, m'dear~ XP But I know why. Anyway, yes, a new team~ ...though I'll probably never use them. OTL It was fun organizing their story, though. :3

Hahaha, yeah...! We do... that would be really, really nice. <X3 I'll try to be on Skype as much as I can~ <XD Sometimes I'm on and I'm just stuck on invisible, though, so if you want, do message me to check if I'm on if you're not sure and if the thought comes to mind. And when you have the time/feel like talking. ^^
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[link] 8D Surprise!
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Awwwmigosh Lyris is just too adorable. <3 I like her nose. 8D
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xDD What a lovely nose indeed~! XP

But thaaanks! >w<
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Beautiful! I can't wait to see this team in action!
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