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United States


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Just call me Mia, man~! >8’V

I love:
-Pokemooooonnnn <3
-Beautiful scenery
-Felines and Canines
-Creating stories/storylines, and original characters.
-Mah friends and older sister.
-My watchers. Cause you guys are awesome~

I heavily dislike:
-toxic friends.
-rude people
-those who make really unfair assumptions/people who take what you say and nitpick.
-any attempts at justifying bullying.

Please enjoy my galley, and if you have questions, just ask! \QwQ/

Favorite Quote: "Them? Us? Look at them, they ARE us. What differences do you see?” – Lion King 2

Happy 2016! Commissions are back open and with the start of a new year and with the experience I’ve been gaining , I’ve raised my commission prices by a bit! And now that my Patreon is a thing, I do plan on making commission discounts a patron benefit in the future!

I needed to reopen commissions ASAP due to a new issue that’s come up; my Mom needing new car tires to ensure her safety during the icy/snowy weather. Her current ones are really old and she’s at more of a risk of having her car skid, which actually occurred last year. We don’t have ice or snow just yet, but seeing as it’ll most likely happen any time now, we need to get her new tires ASAP, which is what her repair person also heavily suggested.

My goal is to pay for at least one of her tires, which’ll be $140. It’d be great if I can earn more than that, but for now that’s my minimum goal!

In the end, thank you so much if you can help me reach this goal!! You’ll be helping so much. <: 3


Poketale - Papyrus by MiaMaha
Poketale - Papyrus
Presenting my Poketale!Papyrus (AKA Pup-pyrus), who’s an albino Houndoom! Because it felt just right~  

Originally he was going to have cute little floppy ears, but a friend brought up the “Papyrus realizes he doesn’t have ears” battle dialogue and…works perfectly. XP


-As mentioned in Sans’ post, he and his brother were born/created with psychic genes (allowing better compatibility) and have Hidden Power psychic!
-His scarf is a Red Scarf from the pokemon games, which is said to increase coolness! 
-He files down the the tips of his horns and tail for safety precautions. >:v Wouldn’t want to accidentally stab someone.

 Please consider supporting me on Patreon!

Click here for more of my Poketale stuff!
Poketale - On Days Like These...(spoilers) by MiaMaha
Poketale - On Days Like These...(spoilers)
  • In the Genocide Route, Sans evolves right before Frisk’s battle with him. Perhaps the absolute resolve to stop Frisk - as well as his emotions peaking - triggers the evolution.
  • Overwhelming emotion (or his genes) may have caused an unstable evolution, which is why his head-skull stays and grows over his head.
  • There are other timelines where Sans was able to evolve without genocide occurring. But as the loops occurred and his hope decreased, his evolution happened less and less. He goes along with Papyrus’s assumption that he’s just too lazy to evolve.
  • AND/OR he possibly holds onto an everstone in his pocket, seeing as evolving over and over again in different timelines has become tiring and pointless if he’ll never get to maintain that form. On the surface, once he finally accepts that the loops have stopped and a happy ending has been achieved, he might throw the everstone away to finalize this acceptance.
  • Or he hands it down to Frisk, if Frisk’s decides to stay as an Eevee.
Poketale - Sans by MiaMaha
Poketale - Sans
My Poketale Sans! Skele-dogs/hellhounds yo~ uwu


-I imagine Sans and Papyrus are special ‘mons in some way, having ties with Gaster. Hence why they may seem different from other 'mons.

-Sans and his brother were born/created with psychic genes. This compatibility has lead them to have splendid control over their psychic Hidden Power despite being dark types (seeing as the two types are opposites).

-Because of this, they can shape their HP Psychic. Usually they create bones, but for Sans, he can perfectly create and control his Gaster Blasters.

-Channeling his power into them, he can even make them use Hyper Beam.

 Please consider supporting me on Patreon!

Click here for more of my Poketale stuff!

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