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Not telling! X3
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is...well, don't feel like telling you. XD But you can call me Mia. And no, that's not my real name. ;3

I like:
-Cats in general
-Creating stories/storylines, and original characters.
-My turtle, Herbert.
-Mah friends and older sister.
-My watchers. Cause you guys are awesome. XD
-making friends~

I "hate":
-Art Theives
-People who purposely bash on beginner artists.
-when artists stop drawing because of said bashers.
-when people talk to me while I'm watching a movie/cut scene in a game. XD
-when my mom or grandma wake me up from sleeping. >w>
-Muggers, Robbers. People who make terrible decisions of the like.
-Extremely rude people
-getting sick. @__@
-those who always think they're right and don't even attempt to see another person's side or their own mistakes.

I like to draw or draw:
-Cats. :3
-Pokemon. ;D
-Humans. Not a lot, but I TRY. XD
-eyes. ;3

Please enjoy my galley, and if you have questions, just ask! ^^

Current Residence: Who knoooows. *wiggles fingers*
Favourite genre of music: I can't categorize music to save my life. XD
MP3 player of choice: Laptop! >8D
Shell of choice: Turtle shells. XD
Favourite cartoon character: Mia/Maha from .hack *coughusernamecough* XD And MANY MANY others.
Personal Quote: "Don't always dwell in the past or wander off into the possible future. Stay in the moment
This is the same thing that I posted on Tumblr. And I was going to wait with this update until things improved, but the other day I decided to just go ahead and explain since things are kinda at a standstill atm.

To put it simply; well, almost a month ago, my Grandma had a mild stroke.

So she’s been in the hospital. And my Aunt decided she’d come down here and stay with us until my Grandma gets better so she can take Grandma back with her to her home in Arizona. And then eventually she’ll get her to the ultimate goal, which is to take my Grandma back to the Philippines where she wants to be.

And, once that time comes, I’ll be going with my Aunt to act as an assistant of sorts.

So yeah, things have been rather complex and stressful.

Not to mention lately my Grandma has been uncooperative with literally everyone and won’t speak or eat or take her medicine, thus drawing this out even longer.

So I hope that explains things. I've not only been busy/stressed, but my art mojo has been dying. It's slowly returning and hopefully it'll keep growing back, but that's why you haven't been seeing art from me. It's been hard getting the motivation to pick up my tablet.

Atm I'm practicing anatomy and have been working on story ideas, but hopefully I'll eventually be able to return to The Night Baskers' story and update Anomaly.

Thank you very much for any patience you've been giving me, cause I really do appreciate that. And I hope you guys are alright.

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I don't have an exact goal. XD But these might come in handy one day, so~

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Hello? *echos*
MiaMaha 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PFT why hello siiiir
You know, you've been quite inactive with the art in a really long time (Compared to me, I post stuff every single day in a clean schedule). When are you going to submit the next page of Solace? Are you planning of joining up PMDU or any other related groups? Will you eventually reveal who is inside the egg?
MiaMaha 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are different ways to ask an artist about their schedule or just plain how they're doing. And this is not one.

I honestly don't need to explain myself, seeing as I can post my art whenever I like. But it really is rude to try to compare our speeds and consistency, seeing as you do not know my schedule nor my circumstances.

I'm going through an extremely rough time right now. That's all I'll say. And I am more than aware that I've been inactive. It's not exactly something I'm happy with either, but I really don't owe anything. It's great you guys like my art, and I'm happy to provide that art and share the joy, but if you can't be patient than that's not my problem.

1. I don't know when I'll work on the next page of Anomaly. Once I'm ready. Once I'm in a state that I feel I can happily and freely work without stress or pressure.
2. Maybe.
3. Of course, but we're not at that arc of the story yet.
(1 Reply)
vulpixlovermale Mar 30, 2014   Digital Artist
MiaMaha Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hello!
vulpixlovermale Apr 6, 2014   Digital Artist
how are you doing ?
MiaMaha 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh it's been extremely busy and stressful (family matters), but I guess I can say I'm okay. ;w; And you?
(1 Reply)
vulpixlovermale Feb 17, 2014   Digital Artist
hello are you there ?
MiaMaha Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow I've been away but xD Did you need me?
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