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Just call me Mia, man~! >8’V

I love:
-Pokemooooonnnn <3
-Beautiful scenery
-Felines and Canines
-Creating stories/storylines, and original characters.
-Mah friends and older sister.
-My watchers. Cause you guys are awesome~

I heavily dislike:
-toxic friends.
-rude people
-those who make really unfair assumptions/people who take what you say and nitpick.
-any attempts at justifying bullying.

Please enjoy my galley, and if you have questions, just ask! \QwQ/

Favorite Quote: "Them? Us? Look at them, they ARE us. What differences do you see?” – Lion King 2

It took a while but the Law Firm finally responded back and has agreed to let us pay about $100 per month for the lawyer bill.

Which on one hand is good, but admittedly on the other hand we're still struggling with money so this bill is still really troubling now that it's officially added onto our pile. Thus, any commission money I earn will be aimed to go into that unless something more vital comes first (food, bills, which is what my earnings have been going into thus far). Any help at all is very much appreciated and, once again, thank you so much for your commissions and support...!

Speaking of commissions, there are further updates!

  • I have created a Terms of Service for commission clients (which is also linked in my commission journal). It is important to read it if you wish to commission me, but regardless of what you do, commissioning me means agreeing to my Terms, end of story. It mainly just explains my policies, fees, and how I will go about certain commissioning situations.
  • I have added Custom Ref Sheet Commissions to my commission journal!
  • I have changed my lineart commissions back to my “shaded lineart” commissions.
Thank you...!


Warriors Wildlife - Oceanwave by MiaMaha
Warriors Wildlife - Oceanwave
AKA Rainpaw's Mom.

NOTE: Back when I wrote this story I (purposely?) ignored the fact that cats usually have multiple kits and not just one. This is a common occurrence in the story, so just disregard it.
Her eyes are also just a stylistic choice.

Now Oceanwave is the center role in the PRE-wildlife story, and is a huge factor in Rainpaw's backstory. Heck she's pretty much the cat that set things into motion, as her prophecy foretold.

“A wave will carry an ocean, and an ocean will bring a new age of hope”

WHICH, to clarify, foretold that her joining Wildclan would shape the events of the future by making the clan more open to the idea of outsiders, even by a little bit. And by being more open they took in Maria and Pantherpaw. AND by doing that, they brought in the promised cat of the prophecy that would save the clans. But overall there are a lot of things that were sparked because of her presence, yep. ;w; Which you'll learn more about through other cats.

So basically, everything started with Oceanwave;

Name: Ellie -> Oceanpaw -> Oceanwave
Rank: Warrior
Gender: She-cat
Affiliation: Kittypet -> Wildclan -> Starclan
Relatives: Aqua (sister), Reina (sister), Rainpaw (daughter), Mintkit (son)
Mate: Windstorm


Oceanwave once lived in a warm twoleg home with her mother and sisters under her birth name “Ellie”. She was a curious and attentive she-cat who was mild in nature and often snuck around her twoleg nest for fun. Sometimes it worried her mother and twolegs whenever they had difficulty locating her. She’d always unintentionally surprise them by popping out of somewhere.

However, one day a heavy rainstorm hit the area and unfortunately for Ellie and her sister Reina, the two were outside and were swept away by floodwaters.

When Ellie awoke she was in an unknown area and her sister was nowhere to be seen. She eventually wandered onto Wildclan territory and it was there that she ran into a young medicine cat apprentice named Velvetpaw. Although the russet she-cat was cautious at first, Velvetpaw also showed concern, seeing Ellie dirty and skinny. She led Ellie to her mentor, Robinflight, who in turn showed surprise and worry and escorted the blue-gray cat to their camp and to Wildclan’s leader, Dawnstar.

Due to a prophecy that foretold Ellie’s arrival - “A wave will carry an ocean, and an ocean will bring a new age of hope” - Dawnstar ultimately chose to bring Ellie into the clan and renamed her “Oceanpaw”. Oceanpaw had difficulty adjusting to her new life, but she knew she had to stay in order to survive. Although she could no longer wear it, she kept the blue ribbon given to her by her twolegs close, as a reminder of her old family.

Many cats kept their distance and showed distaste and even hatred towards their new clanmate. After all, for generations outsiders were looked down upon within the clans. But one tom named Windpaw was friendly and attempted to be more welcoming, though he had a tendency to be a little awkward and shy with his attempts. Oceanpaw found it endearing and appreciated it, nonetheless.

Oceanpaw became friends with Windpaw and Velvetpaw. Meanwhile another apprentice who was also Windpaw’s sister, Goldenpaw, showed hesitance in getting to know the newcomer. Time, however, made Goldenpaw accept Oceanpaw and open up to her. The two found that they could share their worries with one another as well as laughter, and before the two knew it they became best friends.

Her acceptance into the clans, on the other hand, infuriated Flowerclan at the following gathering. Greater tensions, suspicions, and distance quickly grew between the two clans. At one point a small battle even broke out, one that got a Wildclan warrior named Brightsong killed and other cats injured. This pained Oceanpaw and made her question her presence and role in the prophecy. After all it seemed like she was simply bringing misfortune, not hope. Some Wildclan cats blamed Oceanpaw for the event, but she then had cats like Goldenpaw who were willing to defend her and put the blame solely on Flowerclan for their cruelty.

Fast forward and Goldenpaw, Oceanpaw, and Windpaw passed their warrior assessments, becoming Goldenlight, Oceanwave, and Windstorm respectively. As moons passed Oceanwave and Windstorm grew closer and eventually became mates. It was noticeable to Oceanwave that Goldenlight was starting to act differently around her and Windstorm. Coming to the conclusion that Goldenlight was afraid that the friendship between the three of them would change with the new relationship, Oceanwave pulled Goldenlight aside to talk and reassure her that no matter what, she’d never take Goldenlight’s brother away from her. And Oceanwave promised she would never stop spending time with Goldenlight, since she was her most trusted friend. This seemed to at least somewhat ease her friend.

Eventually Oceanwave and Windstorm had their first kit, Rainkit, who was partially named after Oceanwave’s sister Reina. And after two Wildclan warriors chose to selfishly abandon their clan due to their fear of danger, thus leading clan cats to chase them out, Oceanwave volunteered to nurse and mother Moonkit, the kit that they had left behind.

With her knowledge of different stories from back when she was a kittypet, including legends about dragons, Oceanwave was also the one to give her clanmate Gentleflame the idea to name her kit Dragonkit.

Wanting her kittypet blood to be irrelevant and seeing no reason for her kit to identify by her blood, Oceanwave and Dawnstar agreed to leave her old title in the past and raise up the new generation without them knowing her past. It then became a rule amongst Wildclan to never bring up the subject. Oceanwave even stowed away her blue ribbon somewhere in the territory where it would not be easily found. Later on she gave birth to another kit named Mintkit, and Rainkit and Moonkit went on to become bright-eyed and eager apprentices.

Oceanwave loved her kits equally and for a bit of time, things were relatively peaceful within their clan. That is until suddenly one day, Rainpaw revealed to have found out her true bloodline as a half-kittypet. She was upset and enraged that everyone had kept the secret from her, even her own parents. When she sprinted away from the camp, Oceanwave and Goldenlight chased after her until they reached a thunderpath, where Rainpaw stood at the very middle of the road. As the two warriors tried to persuade the apprentice to return - Goldenlight going as far as to walk onto the thunderpath with Rainpaw - Oceanwave was the first to realize that a monster was swiftly coming. She had little time to react as Goldenlight and Rainpaw froze in place. In that time frame, Oceanwave was able to run in and shove the two out of the way, leading her to getting hit by the incoming vehicle instead.

With the small amount of time she had left, Oceanwave struggled to apologize to Rainpaw for lying to her, explaining that she was more that the blood that ran through her. She then managed to rasp to Goldenlight a request to take care of her family before she faded out, passing on to Starclan.


Once Shadow arrived near the clans thanks to his mother’s spirit’s guidance, it was Oceanwave who replaced Maria as the “Starry Cat” in his dreams. She guided him in a vision where he could hear cats battling around him, although the tom could not make out Oceanwave. Later, when Shadow had to decide whether to join Wildclan and considered sneaking out of camp to run away from the clan, Oceanwave visited him in a dream once more to convince him to stay. She brought up that it would be what Maria would have wanted, which in turn shocked him and made him demand how she knew his mother. The dream ended there, however, and Oceanwave continued to watch her clan and children from Starclan.
Warriors Wildlife - Blaze by MiaMaha
Warriors Wildlife - Blaze

AKA Shadow/Pantherpaw's Dad.

Now the info for him is important for partially understanding
Panther and Dragon's prophecy.

: Blaze
Gender: Tom
Affiliation: Rogue
Relatives: Slash, Haze, and Panther (sons)
Mate: Maria


Blaze was a calm and reserved tom, accustomed to the life of a stray, rogue cat. He was well known by other rogues due to his combat skills and intimidating appearance and presence. Scars alone were a sign amongst rogues that a cat could put up a fight and should not be messed with, so many cats tried to avoid getting on Blaze’s bad side. Instead, a number of cats showed respect towards the male, while those who challenged or threatened him were usually beaten down into submission.

He became mates with a beautiful loner named Maria some time after saving her from a fox. He was very fond and attracted to what he believed was her interesting and strong personality. What he also found interesting were the stories she told of a clan of cats she had once lived with for a short period of time. The concept of a clan or band of cats that trained kits and looked out for one another intrigued him, since he could imagine how efficient such a system would be.

Maria eventually had three male kits, one black kit named Slash, one white and grey kit named Haze, and one other black kit named Panther. Blaze felt immense love for his family, proud of having such a strong she-cat as his mate and excited that he’d be able to watch his own kits grow up into amazing cats. He looked forward to teaching them all he knew as well as watching them learn.

The day his kits opened their eyes, he was delighted to see that Slash and Haze had inherited his red eyes. However, upon seeing Panther’s green eyes, the most unsettling, overwhelming feeling hit him and practically shook his body. He couldn’t understand what the feeling was or why he had felt it, but wanting to convince himself that he was simply surprised, he covered up his reaction.

But the feeling never left him. Whenever he made eye contact with Panther, the powerful feeling would hit him. He then knew that something about his son was off. Blaze didn’t know if the feeling was an omen. Nonetheless, he found himself avoiding the subject entirely out of confusion and pride, not even sharing his uncertainties with Maria. He tried to ignore the strange feeling as well, but simply the sight of Panther made him feel wary. In the end he began keeping his distance from Panther, deciding Maria would know how to care for him best.

He was aware that he was being unfair, even a coward, but Blaze could never shake off his feelings,. Whenever he tried his best not to seem aloof or uncaring, just making eye contact with his kit made the attempts impossible. And even when Maria questioned his behavior, Blaze could never bring himself to talk to her about it, not knowing what could be possibly done.

While he trained Haze and Slash to hunt and fight, he began executing the idea of creating a clan with other rogues. It was a way to distract himself from Panther and he almost felt safer, putting together a group of strong, trusted companions. He chose to keep his plans a secret, wanting to surprise Maria once he had recruited enough cats and had an official camp set up. Blaze also made sure to tell Haze and Slash to keep the clan a secret from their mother.

Moons passed and Blaze had recruited enough cats to make a clan. Due to the respect he earned from the other rogues, he was able to claim the title of leader. He hoped that one day, once his kits were older and more experienced, they would be able to take his place and lead the clan together. Eventually it was decided that the fighters of the clan would be called “shadows”, due to their ability to be sly, slick, and agile.

The day Blaze discovered that Maria had been teaching Panther how to fight, the most panicked and fearful feeling hit him. It was almost as if he could sense a mysterious strength radiating from Panther as he practiced fighting moves. Confused and sincerely afraid, this led Blaze to confront and yell at his mate, not wanting Panther to train anymore. Even as Maria furiously questioned Blaze’s behavior and whether he truly loved her and Panther, Blaze simply cut off the argument, not wanting to come to terms with his fears.

Blaze gave himself time alone to think and question what was going on. He wondered if his fears were simply within his own head and if he was being weak and pathetic. Rethinking over his actions and behavior compared to Maria’s, he decided that he was exactly that.

The tom finally resolved to simply sit down with Maria and tell her the truth. However, Maria and Panther were nowhere to be seen, and he found out from Slash and Haze that Maria had died from a terrible fall and Panther had run away. Slash confidently claimed that they had done what Blaze had always wanted, which was to get rid of the two.

Horrified and grief-stricken, Blaze realized his mistakes and how he had been too late to make up for them. He ended up attacking Slash in a blind rage, screaming at him for his assumptions and actions, although he stopped himself before causing serious injury.

For a long while Blaze was detached and ignored Haze and Slash, unable to bare even looking at them. He also tried to get past his pain by immersing himself with building and leading his clan. But no matter what he did, he could not relieve himself of his guilt, or stop blaming himself for making Haze and Slash misunderstand his feelings for Maria and Panther.

In the end, Blaze handed off the clan to Slash and Haze, deciding he could no longer bare staying. The black rogue then left,  never to be heard from again.

Warriors Wildlife - Maria by MiaMaha
Warriors Wildlife - Maria
AKA Shadow/Pantherpaw's Mom.

From the looks of it, if I'm to share the story properly, I have to be specific with what story pieces and cats I share first before others. SO I'll have to draw a few PRE-Wildlife chars before I can get even get to Pantherpaw (WHOSE STORY DESCRIPTION, BTW, will basically cover the general main events of Warriors Wildlife. From there other cats like DragonMoonRain and side characters will cover deeper details and their side of some of those events).

For now, we need to start with Maria;

Name: Maria (MAR-ree-ya)
Gender: She-cat
Affiliation: Loner -> Wildclan -> Loner -> Starclan
Relatives: Slash, Haze, and Panther (sons)
Mate: Blaze


Maria was a confident, bold, and cheeky she-cat who was born in the wild and left her family in order to pursue her own life. After receiving an injury that made it difficult to hunt for herself, she found herself on Wildclan territory and collapsed from hunger. She was found by Wildclan apprentices Oceanpaw and Goldenpaw, the former not hesitating to fret over the she-cat.

Maria was then given to Wildclan’s Medicine Cats for treatment and was permitted to stay within the clan until she could hunt for herself again. During her stay, Oceanpaw, Goldenpaw, and medicine cat apprentice Velvetpaw worked to befriend her. Goldenpaw was still getting used to accepting outsiders, so after awkwardly starting a conversation by complimenting how green and pretty Maria’s eyes were, Maria sarcastically and jokingly replied "I think your intense stare may have made that thought loud and clear." It further amused her how embarrassed and defensive Goldenpaw became afterwards.

After a week, Maria became more steady on her paws again and decided to spend time helping the clan hunt in order to make up for the meals she had taken during her stay. Although most of the clan members shunned her, she wouldn’t let it bother her. Instead, during her time with Wildclan she became close with Oceanpaw, Goldenpaw, and Velvetpaw. The companionship she felt with them made her grow fond of the general idea of a clan you could call home and friends you could trust. Although the three apprentices had hopes that Maria would join their clan, the loner decided to stick with her old path, having a feeling that Wildclan wasn’t really “her place” to stay and feeling as though she was needed someplace else. After exchanging whole-hearted farewells, Mara went back out into the forests.

Time passed and eventually Maria decided to settle in one place. This eventually led to a confrontation with a fox. However, just as she was cornered, another cat came to her rescue and helped her escape. He turned out to be a tom named Blaze and almost instantaneously Maria felt a connection with him. Their personalities worked well and the two became companions, which slowly evolved into becoming mates. During their time together Maria shared the concept of the clans with Blaze, who in turn was interested in the idea.

Maria had a litter of three toms, two of them resembling Blaze while one resembled her. While Blaze named two of the kits Slash and Haze, she named their last black kit Panther. When it was time for the kits to open their eyes, Blaze was proud to see that Slash and Haze had inherited his red eyes, which he believed was a sign of strength. Panther was the last to open his eyes, and upon seeing that they were green, Maria herself was intrigued and joked about how he was the odd one out. She noticed, however, that Blaze had gone dead silent and was staring at their son. When Maria worriedly questioned it, he shook himself out of his thoughts and claimed that he was simply caught off guard. But Maria could sense that he was lying.

Maria watched as Blaze seemed to show favoritism towards their other two sons and would even act withdrawn with Panther. While Blaze took Haze and Slash out for training lessons, Panther would always end up staying with Maria and be watched over by her. Even if it frustrated her that Blaze was keeping his distance from Panther, Maria adored her kit and loved spending time with him. She often had to heavily scold her other two kits whenever they purposely left out or taunted Panther due to the impression their father’s behavior had given them of their brother. In time Maria found herself showing more favor towards Panther.

Moons passed and a greater disconnection seemed to form between herself and her two kits, who had seemingly directed their critical attitude and “dislike” for their brother onto their mother as well. This was most notable in her other black kit, Slash.

When Maria tried to train Panther how to fight and defend himself, Blaze caught on and angrily snapped at his mate, claiming that she shouldn’t be training Panther. This only confused and exasperated the she-cat further and despite a heavy argument breaking out between the two, Blaze refused to give her questions proper answers and he even cut off the argument and walked away from her.

Maria soon began considering the idea of taking Panther and simply leaving Blaze and her other kits. But before she could make her decision, a day came that took a turn for the worse.

With Blaze nowhere in sight, Slash and Haze turned on both Panther and Maria, deciding to “get rid of them” and claiming that it was what their father wanted. The two toms were fierce fighters thanks to their father, so protecting Panther proved to be difficult.

After Maria had just enough time to urge Panther to run far - telling him she’d catch up and making him promise he wouldn’t come back to that area for her - Maria tried to distract Slash and Haze to buy Panther time. This led to the two chasing her, cornering her at a ledge. Maria bitterly yelled at the two, commenting on how she couldn’t believe how heartless they had become. It pained her to see what her own children were now resorting to. After calling Blaze a coward for sending his own kits after her, as well as weak-willed for not caring for his whole family, Slash abruptly shoved Maria off of the ledge. This led her to land on numerous jagged rocks, thus killing her.


In the next life, Maria was welcomed into Starclan and was informed so by her old friend Oceanwave who was sent as a messenger. There was a deal, however, and that was that Maria had to guide Panther to the clans. If she could do that, then she would walk upon Starclan’s skies and would be able to live there amongst them; she’d be able to bring Panther to safety and also get to watch over him.

With the energy she had left as a wandering spirit, she did her best to show her son the way through a darker mental projection of his surroundings within his dreams. Soon enough she was able to lead him to the Shadowed Forest near the clans, and from there she was greeted by Starclan and was informed of the great destiny Panther had with his prophecy.

At first Maria was somewhat angered, suspicious that Starclan’s intentions had only been self-motivated. In the end, however, the news made Maria proud of her son but also terrified, not knowing what kind of destiny and hardships were in store for young Panther.

When she discovered that Panther could see Starclan cats, Maria wanted nothing more than to reveal herself to him. The leaders of Starclan discouraged the idea, however, claiming that it could badly affect him mentally and emotionally if he were to find out so soon that she had died, as well as how she died. They claimed it would more than likely make the path to his destiny even harder to shoulder through. Solemnly accepting their logic, Maria watched over her son from a distance, praying he’d stay strong.

Blind OTP Challenge - Ronan by MiaMaha
Blind OTP Challenge - Ronan
My other part of :iconairanke:'s themed Blind OTP challenge! Ronan the Floatzel with Wailmer, Milotic, and Tiger Sharpedo genes. xD Very happy with him! QwQ He's ver tall yo. And you can read more about him here!

I'm going to do my best to create TNB's story in comic-form. However, if I did have to resort to written story for some chapters... 

38 deviants said Written or Drawn, I'd read TNB's story!
9 deviants said If it was an important story chapter (critical to progressing the story), yes I'd read. Otherwise, I think I'd pass.
4 deviants said Important chapter or not, I don't think I'd read it if it were written.


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