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United States
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Just call me Mia, man~! >8’V

I love:
-Pokemooooonnnn <3
-Beautiful scenery
-Felines and Canines
-Creating stories/storylines, and original characters.
-Mah friends and older sister.
-My watchers. Cause you guys are awesome~

I heavily dislike:
-toxic friends.
-rude people
-those who make really unfair assumptions/people who take what you say and nitpick.
-any attempts at justifying bullying.

Please enjoy my galley, and if you have questions, just ask! \QwQ/

Favorite Quote: "Them? Us? Look at them, they ARE us. What differences do you see?” – Lion King 2
I'm back from my trip~! ;w;/ If you want to read on how it went (spoiler alert, the journey to the Philippines was horrendous), you can read about it here! Guess who's never using that airline ever again! <:'D

The post isn't that long btw, since I didn't go into detail on the trip itself. xD

Anyway! Tis good to be back, although I have a runny nose and I can only hope that'll go away in the next...week or so Iseriouslyhope *sobs*

Sleeping schedule is naturally messed up so! <xD Gonnahavetofixthatsometime,eheh. And get back into the hang of things. But for now, I'm going to relax and thus keep commissions closed for a bit longer. ;w; 

Hope everyone is doing well!


I'm back from my trip~! ;w;/ If you want to read on how it went (spoiler alert, the journey to the Philippines was horrendous), you can read about it here! Guess who's never using that airline ever again! <:'D

The post isn't that long btw, since I didn't go into detail on the trip itself. xD

Anyway! Tis good to be back, although I have a runny nose and I can only hope that'll go away in the next...week or so Iseriouslyhope *sobs*

Sleeping schedule is naturally messed up so! <xD Gonnahavetofixthatsometime,eheh. And get back into the hang of things. But for now, I'm going to relax and thus keep commissions closed for a bit longer. ;w; 

Hope everyone is doing well!
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I first want to thank everyone who wished me and my family well in the last journal. We’ve been doing our best, and we’re doing much better. <X3 I appreciate all of the support, very much yes. Your words meant a lot to me. :heart:


But on to the update!


My Grandma’s ashes are going to be buried in the Philippines, where a majority of her family is. We already booked our flight and we’ll be leaving on March 14th and will return some time after March 25thI’m not sure how much internet connection/access I’ll have over there. But chances are I won’t be getting much or any unfortunately, so yeah. ;w; 


As of right now, my commissions are temporarily closed. However, since we’re having a bit of trouble having money for food until our flight, if you’d like to offer assistance I will open paypal donations.


You can send any amount of help to my paypal, and it’d be so very much appreciated.

For now I need to start packing and finish a few tasks before our flight day. ;w; Thanks so much for being patient with me and supporting me, and I hope you are all doing well!

Kennedia Vein, Skeletal Star & Lyrelight
Wavering Alloy, Grave Revelations and Forsaken Rhapsody.

Unnecessary Means.

The walk back to the apartment was a quiet one. Above, the evening sky  took on an orange hue as the sunlight faded away, making way to twilight. All that really met Eury’s ears was the quiet padding of his feet against patches of grass and dirt, as well as Orpheus’s audible breathing.

They had left the Subseed Forest and now the two Explorers were on their way back to the actual city of Andalusst. It wouldn’t take long for them to reach the buildings and cobblestone paths, but Eury was in no rush. The fresh air and the gradient of the sky were rather comforting after their dungeon experiences.

At that thought, the Zangoose felt his shoulders stiffen back up ever so slightly. Had the leaders lied when they claimed that the Basalt Halls would be an easy dungeon? He pondered that thought for a moment. In the end he found himself deciding that whether it had been a lie or not, all dungeons had dangers and he had let his guard down. Eury had underestimated their true potential.

‘And now...’

Glancing down he gazed upon the Zigzagoon who was  resting his head against the Zangoose’s shoulder. His tired green eyes were half-way closed, staring at nothing in particular as they struggled to stay open. The only movement was the rise and fall of his small chest. What was notable to Eury, however, were the streaks of wet fur that lined the young boy’s face. The earlier events had distressed him, and Eury couldn’t blame the small ‘mon for his exhaustion.

Just as the Zangoose was going to shift his eyes away to focus back on his travels, he felt his companion shift slightly in his arms before breaking the silence between them.


His voice was quiet, which was rather unlike the usually boisterous boy. Even if Eury was very aware of the reason why, it left a strange, discomforting feeling in his chest anyway.


“A-ah you...mad at m-me…?”

There was a slight whimper to the edge of his voice as he struggled to get those words out. The Zangoose felt his eyebrows pull in while his tail tip twitched at the subject.

“Because you ran off.”

It was more of a statement than a question, seeing as he knew that was what the boy meant. Nonetheless Orpheus nodded his head in confirmation, and the Zangoose took in a deep breath, knowing his own answer.

“I was frustrated,” Eury began, earning a cringe from the small boy in his arms. “But I now realize I was never clear in the past, nor was I strict enough with you.”

Eury gazed up, watching the clouds reflect the colors of the sky in perfect harmony. If he had something to focus on, it’d be easier to pull his thoughts together.
“When we last exited the fog, I allowed you to play with those children while I gathered information. But that was because we were in a wide, open space; one you wouldn’t get lost in so easily, and a place I could still spot you in. However…”

With a deep exhale his eyes flicked back down to the boy, keeping an even, focused gaze, “Listen closely, because I’m going to make myself clear this time; either you never leave my side or you never leave my line of sight. There is no inbetween. Those are the two rules you must always follow. You already know why, Orpheus.” Eury’s gaze hardened. “You’ll be well-protected. Not only from dangers like what happened back there, but...”

Knowing the kind of reaction he could elicit by finishing that sentence, especially with Orpheus’s current state, Eury found himself ending his sentence there. Yet it was enough. A spark of familiarity and fear lit up the Zigzagoon’s eyes, and afterwards he shakily nodded his head in understanding.

“O-okay bwother…”

At this, Eury released a soft sigh, closely cradling the now lightly shivering Zigzagoon. At least that was finally established...until now all he had told the boy was to stick close, or to not stray far, or recently, not to go off by himself. These things had seemed so clear and obvious to the Zangoose, especially with the circumstances they were under, but he realized he was still learning how a child’s mind worked. Of all the things his Master taught him , understanding young children was never a part of  any of his lessons.


By the time he was walking through the streets of the city, Orph’s slow, soft breathing signaled to the older male that the boy had fallen asleep. The streets were a lot emptier now, though he could guess that was because most teams had moved onward to Geoda, unlike others like Lyrelight and Skeletal Star that had no choice but to retreat back to Andalusst for now. It made it easier to return to the Explorers housing, at least. No pokemon would try to question his physical state, nor Orpheus’s. For a moment, he wondered if the same could be said for his ex-exploration partners.

That is until he reached the lobby of the building, and luck decided to come his way in the form of the electric neighbor trio.

“You’re back!” Joey observed, thus alerting his two guardians of the Zangoose’s presence, At first it looked as though Ozwald had been prepared to greet him, but a split second later the Raichu’s eyes rounded instead, most likely after taking in Eury’s dirtied fur, the dark, dried patches of blood on his arms, as well as a silent, motionless Orpheus in his arms.

“He’s fine.” Eury’s immediately tried to diminish any worries or panicked thoughts that could possibly go through any of their minds, though unfortunately that didn’t seem to stop Ozwald or Matthias from padding over. While Matthias was looking Eury over, Oz hesitantly peered into Orpheus’s face, clear concern written on his features.

“Dungeon took a lot out of ya, huh…?” The Flaaffy inquired, raising an eyebrow. “Glad to see you’re at least in one piece.”

“Minor casualties.” Eury  responded, his eyes shifting from Matt to Oz. Before he could say anything else to excuse himself, the Raichu released a sigh and nervously rubbed one of his arms.

“Y-you know next time, you could just leave Orpheus with us if you need to head out to somewhere as dangerous as a dungeon…” Ozwald shone a sheepish smile. “No payment needed either! He’s a joy and it’d be self-paying keeping him out of danger...I mean, dungeons are just...not meant for children, you know?”

Mid-way through Oz’s explanation, the Zangoose had inhaled deeply to conceal the irritation beginning to surface in his chest. The other man spoke as if Eury didn’t know this; as if it were that easy.

Eury gave a curt nod and then muttered a soft “I gotta go” before pushing past the small group and then starting up the stairs. As his the claws on his feet tapped against the marble stairs, the adult found himself thinking with a tightened jaw.

‘He can’t be left with anybody... I can’t even allow him to play with Joey next door without me coming with him.

Finding a sister is one thing...but of course there always has to be other factors to tighten the situation.’

Soon enough Eury felt his feet come in contact with the second floor’s carpeting. He whipped out his door’s key before he even reached it and unlocked it, pushing the door open and then bumping it close with his backside. This time he was sure to hear it click close, and then he relocked it. He couldn’t have anyone try to curiously or accidentally open it, after all. The Zangoose was done speaking to people for that day; maybe even that whole week.

Unlike himself, at least all the Zigzagoon had to suffer from physically was some dirtied fur.. While holding Orph in one arm, Eury pulled out a towel from a drawer and wrapped the small boy in it before gently placing him on the bed, propped against a pillow. He could bathe the child later. For now, the two needed to rest.

There can really never be an inbetween…

With a sigh, Eury padded over to the window and closed the curtains, allowing the room to fall into darkness.
PMD-U: KV/SS/LL - Basalt Halls - UM part 7


Previous || Next.

First Dungeon: Basalt Halls ;; Collaboration between Skeletal Star, Kennedia Vein & Lyrelight ;; using Skeletal Star’s dungeon.

POVs for Teagan, Ciela and Orianna are written by Airanke.
POVs for Orpheus and Eury are written by MiaMaha.

Skeletal Star

Written application.

Kennedia Vein

Written application.


Written application.


Joey, Matthias, & Ozwald (MiaMaha’s personal NPCs)

And that concludes Lyrelight's part! Be sure to read SS's ending! >:V AND THANKS FOR READING QwQ

Orpheus, Eury, Joey, Matthias and Ozwald are mine, MiaMaha.

Teagan, Orianna, and Ciela belong to,Airanke.

Pokemon belongs to NINTENDO/Game Freak.

I'm going to do my best to create TNB's story in comic-form. However, if I did have to resort to written story for some chapters... 

37 deviants said Written or Drawn, I'd read TNB's story!
9 deviants said If it was an important story chapter (critical to progressing the story), yes I'd read. Otherwise, I think I'd pass.
3 deviants said Important chapter or not, I don't think I'd read it if it were written.


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